Commander F-1655

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People Dimension Jets
12 93″ x 200″ x 51″ 55
Pumps Dry / Wet (lbs) Power
3 625/3000 60A /240VAC

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The Commander F-1655 features both therapy and bench-style seating station. We invite you to get well and attain fitness! Our swim system features 2 Rip Current Jets on top providing smooth upper body resistance perfect aquatic workout burning calories and increasing muscle mass.

Commander F-1655 is a spacious area for swimming, relaxing, and playing. This could be your best hot tub spa choice for the comfort of your guest, friends and family.

Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

  • Improved Circulation
  • The warm water in a hot tub can help to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow.
  • This can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other health problems.
  • Reduced Stress
  • The warm water and gentle massage of a hot tub can help to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • The heat helps to relax the muscles and the massage helps you to stimulate the production of endorphins.
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • The warm water in a hot tub can help you to increase energy levels by improving circulation and stimulating the metabolism.
  • This can give you a boost of energy and help you feel more alert.
  • Improved Sleep Quality
  • The warm water in a hot tub can help you to improve sleep quality by relaxing the muscles and promoting relaxation.
  • The heat helps to relax the muscles and the gentle massage can help to lull you to sleep.
  • Relief of Muscle Pain and Soreness
  • The warm water and jets in a hot tub can help to relieve muscle pain and soreness.
  • The heat helps to relax the muscles and the jets help to massage them.
  • Improved Skin Health
  • The warm water in a hot tub can help to improve skin health by opening up pores and removing dirt and oil.
  • This can lead to a reduction in acne and other skin problems.
Shell Color

Sterling Silver

Cabinet Color

Coastal Grey, Lime Oak, Mocha

Cover Color

Black, Dark Brown, Grey


1 Seating Capacity 12
2 Shell Color Sterling Silver
3 Dimensions (W x L x H) 93″ x 200″ x 51″
4 Dry Weight – Lbs. (Kilograms) 2,850 (1293 kg)
5 Filled Weight – Lbs. (Kilograms) 22,825 (10,353 kg)
6 Water Capacity – Gal. (Liters) 2,500 (9,463 L)
7 Eliminator High Performance™ Pump 1 x 6.0 BHP
8 Swim Jet Pump Including 2.5″ Plumbing and Hi Flow Main Drains 3 x 6.0 BHP
9 Operating Voltage 240V
10 Stainless Steel Jets: Exclusive Candy Cane Jets 23
11 Stainless Steel Vertical Hydrossage 27
12 Swim Spa Jet System 5 Swim Jet System
2 Rip Current Jets
3 Power Stream Jets
13 Stainless Steel Exercise Bar 27″
14 Floor Mounted Swim Lane Marker Yes
15 Fitness Anchors Yes
16 Tether Anchor Yes
17 Textured Pillows Y-Pillow
18 Gate Valve(s) Yes
19 Twin Pure Silk™ System Dual Ozonators with Mazzei Injectors and Mixing Chambers Yes
20 Bio-Clean Filter™ with TeleWeir 100 Sq. Ft. (2 x 50 Sq. Ft.)
21 LED Spa Lighting Multi Colored LED 2 x 5″
22 Whisper Power Unit™
Equipment with Full Color LCD Touch Display
Cal Spas Touch2 w/ auxiliary control Panel
23 Thermo-Shield™ Insulation Side Panels and Thermo-Layer Floor with ABS Liner Yes
24 WhisperHot™ Heating System 5.5 kW Titanium Heater
25 LED Dual Hydro-Streamers Plus™ with Valve Yes
26 Pressure Treated Cabinet Frame Yes
27 Cabinet Panel with Cal Spas Premium Badge: Smoke & Mist Cal Preferred™ Horizontal
28 Cabinet Accessible Drain Valve Yes
29 Spa Cover: Cal Armor™ (Weather Shield)
Colors: Gray, Dark Brown, Black
5“ – 3“ Cal Armor™
30 Warranty (Structural) 10 Years
31 Warranty (Finish) 7 Years
32 Warranty (Parts) 5 Years
33 Warranty (Labor) 5 Years
34 Warranty (Cabinet) 5 Years
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