EZ3 Spa Kit

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Maintaining a perfectly clean and clear spa has never been easier
With EZ Spa, the water stays immaculate for 6 months with very little chlorine
Included is everything you’ll need for a 6 month supply
After 6 months, you drain and refill

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EZ SPA® is a water care program that combines simplicity and incredible water quality in a once-a-week application. We’ve packaged the 3 main products in an attractive retail kit — just test the fill water and add the necessary balancers at startup. The EZ3® Spa Care Kit includes:

START to prepare the water by removing phosphates, metal, carbonates & other debris

TOTAL CARE does the rest with a clarifier, stable oxidizer, stain and scale inhibitor, water conditioner and balancers (pH, TA and CH) to keep spa water clean, clear and trouble free.

EZymePRO® Breaks down cosmetics, grime, & body oils left behind by bathers.

Convenient and easy to use — just once-a-week!
Superior water quality with less chemicals and testing!
Formulated for chlorine, bromine, salt, ozone and mineral purifiers


8 oz START
8 oz ENZymePRO

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